4 Makeup Tricks For Luscious Lips By Sapna Vaid – Glamrs Lip Makeup Tricks

4 Makeup Tricks For Luscious Lips By Sapna Vaid – Glamrs Lip Makeup Tricks

Admit it girls, trying various lipstick shades is interesting. But what about different lip makeup tricks?
Makeup artists always have tricks up their sleeves, we caught up with Sapna Vaid and she shared 4 lipstick tricks that she has devised over the years in the industry. If you are one who likes to experiment with lipstick then this video is for you. She suggests that we always use a lip liner to line the lips, and go slightly over the natural lip line to give the appearance of fuller lips. When you fill in the colour, it is important to go over the lip liner. If you want to customize the shade of your lipstick, you can add foundation to your lipstick, this will make your lipstick duller. If you want to mattify your lipstick you can add loose powder or compact powder to it. This particular tricks is going to help your lipstick last many hours! And finally, this is Sapna’s favorite trick, using fine glitter on the center of your lips, this acts as a highlighter and will give your lips a plump look. However, the glitter has to be fine and it will only work if your lipstick is glossy, it will not work with matte lipstick.
Tell us in the comments below if you have a particular trick that you use.

The products used in this video are:
-Chambor Velvet Touch- Lip liner BR-02
-Inglot Lip Palette
-Lancome Teint- Miracle Foundation
-Mac Studio Fix- Foundation Plus Powder
-Inglot Body Sparkles No. 63

-Sephora lip brush
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Monica Shah (Beauty Editor, Glamrs)

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