Client Brings in Nail Pics to Copy – What Do You Do?😳

Client Brings in Nail Pics to Copy – What Do You Do?😳

As a Nail Tech, what do you do when your Client brings photos of nails they like? Suzie shares her strategy of how she deals with this situation, and in this Nail Renovation transforms Laura’s Nails from Marbled Acrylic into beautiful See-Thru Acrylic and Chrome Nails.

Thank you to the wonderful nail artists whose images Laura shared with Suzie to inspire the nail design in this video. Check out their Instagrams for more nail inspiration:

Products Featured in this video:

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PlayGel by Exclusive Nail Couture

Aluminix Chrome Gel Polish by Joya Mia

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01:11 Plan
04:32 Demolition
08:48 Foundation
16:34 Sculpt Reshape
20:19 Decorate
34:55 Reveal Photos
35:22 Price

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