Eyebrow makeup karne ka Asaan Tarika Sekhie Wajid Khan Kay Sath

Eyebrow  makeup karne ka Asaan Tarika Sekhie Wajid Khan Kay Sath

Easy EYEBROW TUTORIAL For Beginners Using Pencil || Best Eyebrow Pencil

Hello Beautiful Ladies !!

First of all let me start by saying that weather I do makeup or not on a particular day , I must do my eyebrows as it changes a lot the way your face looks Ladies ….
So In this makeup tutorial , I will show you an easy eyebrow tutorial doing eyebrow makeup with pencil using the best eyebrow pencil for me that is Rimmel London eyebrow pencil …. I will show you how I fill in my brows,It is by far best eyebrow filler……
I know the struggle of filling eyebrows especially if you are a beginner because I had been through that phase…. I don’t say that this is the perfect eyebrow tutorial but I have tried my best to make it as easy as possible…

Here I will fill in my brows using Rimmel eyebrow pencil and this is by far best brow pencil…. Filling in eyebrows with pencil can be little hard than eyeshadow or eyebrow powder but if you do it correctly it will look bomb….

This is the easy tutorial for beginners using pencil but you can use eyeshadow, eyebrow pomade, eyebrow powder etc….

I don’t have thick brows and it’s thin and also sparse somewhere so this is a perfect tutorial to show how to fill in thin or sparse eyebrows….

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