"Fashion Tips: Wearing White Blouses- Tutorial

"Fashion Tips: Wearing White Blouses- Tutorial

Marilyn Hellman, owner of Marilyn’s, Naples, Florida gives tips on how to be fashionable when wearing white blouses. How to choose the right blouse shape, necklines, ruffles – or no ruffles – long or short – in or out – belt or no belt…whatever you might want to know about wearing white blouses.
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Hello, I’m Marilyn Hellman and I have a shop in Naples, Florida at 375 Fifth Avenue South. I really want to talk to you today about white blouses. I did some displays here to show you the different types of white blouses and what the proportions should look for. You have to look at it in two respects; your scale of your body and the scale of what you’re wearing. Rule of thumb on blouses, tucked in or out depends on if the bottom is finished.
This is a blouse you could tuck in if you want but look at all the detail that you’d be missing. This is a blouse, we have it here with a skirt but it also could look good with a pair of pants. This is longer and if we do this for someone as tall as I am, this length is okay but for someone a little bit shorter, you might want to take this up. We’ve done that for our customers. The rule of thumb with long blouses is, they must always be worn with pencil pants. Even as tall as I am, when I put these on with a flared bottom, they get very dowdy looking and it’s not as attractive with a pencil pants or a legging.
This has a lot of texture in it,You could wear this blouse open with a colored piece underneath, it’s a little jacket and I find that very helpful when I’m going from warmer to cooler areas. It’s one of those things I use on vacation a lot. Let’s talk a little bit about frill okay, because that gets everybody. Frill is something that you have to try on and see where the ruffles go. In this case, I want you to notice that I am wearing a black bra. I really like black bras with white blouses and black pants, – and you say “well, they’ll see your bra”.
I have a secret to tell you, they do know we wear bras.It’s just nice and makes it a very French look, I don’t think it’s too revealing. The way the French fit their blouses, because they’re stretched, there’s usually a little pull here. It’s considered appropriate. Now, that doesn’t mean it gaps and it’s open all the time but remember, when you put these blouses on they are stretched, so by pulling them forward, they’re like spandex, the warmth of your body will make them give. Here’s a really nice blouse in a white, try different necklines especially if you have a shorter neck, this is really nice because it opens up at the top. I could see this easily worn with a full length linen skirt, you could dress it up with Swarovski crystals. You could wear it with a shiny Capri pant, also would look very fun with a heel on this. This would be just as comfortable with jeans, so that’s the nice thing about that one. You can wear jewelry, normally you would say, don’t wear jewelry because this has all the ruffles on it, but it looks nice with the crystal. This is another one where the ruffle is a little different. I’ve had ruffles that come down the front but they spread across the whole front, so if you like a ruffled blouse and you are a little busty, I would try it on to see if it works. You can wear some ruffles, depends on the distribution in the front.
Let’s talk a little bit about fit, one of the nice things about most of the blouses today is they come down and then they flare out at the bottom. The nice thing about that is, you’re able to get a fit which makes you look slimmer but a lot of times when you’re wearing knits, you kind of see this bulging in the back. So, the reason white blouses are comfortable or are easy for people and they like them is when they turn around and look at their back, usually they’re smooth down in the back. Vertical lines, those really look good for slimming, so there’s really a lot of ways that you can use a white blouse.
White blouses are terrific for someone with cool color tones like myself, but when you start to get warmer tones, then you start to have issues with coloring, and that’s when the accessories really become important. Gold could be nice or warm tone colors to help you with the white, so you could still wear the blouse just as long as you keep some kind of coloring close to your face. Lots of these long blouses look really nice with really long necklaces, so that’s a really pretty part of it, and also a belt. This is a fun belt. You would not wear the necklace if you wore this. As you notice, my mannequins always have hats on.
Taking care of white blouses is really easy; cold water, cold rinse with light you can use. We have a lot of white blouses here and we certainly can help you with the kind of style and the fit that you would need.


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