How To Fix A Broken Nail | Patch & Repair A Split Nail | Quick & Easy To Follow Tutorial | DIY

How To Fix A Broken Nail | Patch & Repair A Split Nail | Quick & Easy To Follow Tutorial | DIY

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I am constantly breaking my nails halfway down the nail bed. They wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t hurt and take so long to grow out. This limits what I can do with my hands without further damaging my nails. The worst thing about a torn nail is it is so easy to get snagged and caught on things such as your hair and clothes which further tears the nail into the nail bed.

If this is something you are all too familiar with, you know just how frustrating it is to have a torn or broken nail. I used to keep bandaids on my fingers until the torn nail grows out or try to cut or file the torn nail as far down as I can.

Luckily, I came across this amazing trick to fix those stubborn broken nails and make them strong again. This trick has been my go to and I absolutely love it! It doesn’t take long to repair either.

Here Are The Supplies I Used (These are just examples):
β€’ Nail Glue (with Precision Tip): (I got mine at Target)
β€’ Tea Bags : (any will do)
β€’ Nail File:
β€’ Buffing Block:
β€’ Rubbing Alcohol:
β€’ Gelish Lamp Kit:
β€’ OPI Base & Top Coat Gel Polish:
β€’ FingerPaints My Best Angle Gel Polish:

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