How To Grow Hair Longer and Faster (Curly Hair Secrets/Hacks) + Starting HairBurst ♡

How To Grow Hair Longer and Faster (Curly Hair Secrets/Hacks) + Starting HairBurst ♡

Hi guys! I hope you guys enjoy this video about my top tips to grow your hair out faster & my hair secrets! I’m not an expert, this is just what has worked for me. Even though this says curly hair in the title, it’s not limited to curly hair! Many of these tips can work for people with naturally straight hair too. Also, I forgot to mention that if you’re at the beginning of your hair journey, it might be beneficial to get a small trim to clip off the dead ends 🙂 And although my hair is straight is many of the pictures, I typically only straighten my hair 4-5 times a year if not less.

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Tips start at: 1:56

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