How To Grow Long Healthy Hair Naturally | Model Tips

How To Grow Long Healthy Hair Naturally | Model Tips

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Here are my tips and tricks on how to grow long healthy hair naturally! I always get questions about my hair care routine, so I’m excited to share some things that I do to keep my hair in its best condition.

What are some of the tips and tricks you use for growing long healthy hair? Let me know in the comments below!

0:13 – Skip the Daily Shampoo
0:43 – Finish Your Shower on Cool
1:06 – Brush Your Hair from the Ends Up
1:33 – Avoid Hot Tools As Much As Possible
2:15 – Trust Specialists in the Industry
2:44 – Get Regular Trims
3:13 – Use a Hair Mask / Use Coconut Oil
4:02 – Don’t Sleep with Your Hair Up

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– Don’t shampoo your hair every day — embrace your hair’s natural oils and shampoo a maximum of 2-3 times per week
– Before you finish your shower, turn the water to a much cooler temperature
– Be gentle with your hair, especially when it is wet — be sure to start from the bottom of the hair up to get any tangles out without damaging the hair
– Avoid over using your hot tools — embrace your natural hair and research techniques and styles that work well with your hair type for days when you don’t use a straightener, curling iron, etc.
– Trust the specialists and invest in getting treatments to keep your hair healthy, which will help with hair growth
– If you want to grow long hair, don’t skip on the trims — it will help avoid your hair becoming thin and brittle at the ends
– Use a hair mask / coconut oil on your hair overnight or when you exercise to help keep the hair healthy and strong
– Do not sleep with your hair up — it pulls on the hair underneath and causes breakage
– When you take an elastic out of your hair, slowly unravel it instead of pulling it out to avoid breakage

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