How To Sew a Dress with Just 2 Seams and a Hem | Mennonite Dress Tutorial

How To Sew a Dress with Just 2 Seams and a Hem | Mennonite Dress Tutorial

It’s back to school season. Time for some new clothing. Here’s how I sew a dress. It’s a super simple, basic, modest dress that can be jazzed up with just a little creativity or accessorizing. No judgment please from all you experienced sewers! I had so much fun making this video, but I know it is far from professional! It was just my intent to give an answer to the many many requests I’ve gotten lately. Enjoy!

The dress I’m wearing: I sewed it. Fabric is from Gaffney’s.

Where I get my Head Coverings:

My Scissors:

My Sewing Machine:
(My mom bought mine for me as a graduation present, but this will get you started in your search.)

My pattern is not available online, but here are a few options that are the same concept:

Sack Dress Pattern: (adult)

A Free Option:

Play All Day Pattern: (girls)

Swing Dress Pattern: (this one has a set in sleeve, or sleeveless option)

Join their Facebook group for more info, discount codes, and other groups:

How To Sew a Neck Band:

My Fabric: this link will not be helpful unless you want to buy a large amount. I bought my fabric at a Mook Fabric store in my area:

Check out the beautiful fabric at these fabric stores: They ship!!

My Camera:

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