Keratin Treatment | Keratin hair treatment by Pure Brazilian | Cocoon Salon

Keratin Treatment | Keratin hair treatment by Pure Brazilian | Cocoon Salon

Keratin Treatment by Pure Brazilian Reconstructor was done at Cocoon Salon. Keratin treatment for frizzy hair, damaged hair, damage due to hair straightening. This is how to do Keratin treatment for Indian hair using Pure Brazilian Original reconstructor solution.

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Following are the steps followed while doing Keratin Hair Treatment

-Check the scalp and hair texture and hair health
-Wash the hair to open the cuticle and apply Pure Brazilian Anti Residue shampoo. Leave the shampoo for 5 minutes to penetrate the cuticle. Repeat if necessary until hair has a “squeaky clean” feeling. Focus on the hairline, nape of neck and mid-shaft to end.

-Towel dry the hair. Hair should be damp, but not “too wet” or “too dry”. Use a blow-dryer if needed.

-Divide the hair into 4 sections

-Measure 60 ml of Pure Brazilian Reconstructor Solution. Add more
if necessary, but this is usually enough.

-Starting at the nape , using ¼” to ½” subsections, use applicator brush to lightly dust the Reconstructor onto a section of hair.

-Apply root to end but do not apply directly to the scalp. Comb through with a fine tooth comb to remove excess product. Apply evenly.

-Wrap the hair with clear foil and leave it for 45 minutes for the proper product application

-Blow-dry hair 100% using a round brush or paddle brush. Get the hair as smooth as possible.

-Depending on the condition of the hair, the flat iron’s temperature should range between 160-23 degrees (C). Using 2-3 inch
sections, flat iron from root to end using consistent pressure. Pass over 5-6 times. If the client desires a straighter effect, pass over 6-10 times.

-After 48 hours use post-treatment shampoo and conditioner to optimise treatment and ensure long-lasting results!

The model in the video has little dry and frizzy hair and she has not done any straightening or chemical treatment before. After checking the hair, the hairstylist advised her to go for the keratin treatment and the product he chose was pure Brazilian original reconstructor. You can see the result after and before keratin treatment.

Keratin treatment benefits include hair smoothening, reducing frizziness, fixing any damage, protecting the hair and make the hair shiny, healthy.

Few questions on Keratin:
What is Keratin?
Keratin is the real protein which is normally present in our hair. Not exclusively does the hair contain Keratin, it is additionally significantly included keratin-related proteins. It goes about as an outside defensive and inside basic protein to ensure your hair and keep them solid. Because of introduction to outside variables like the sun, contamination or chemicals, or changes in your way of life, the keratin exhibit in the hair gets drained. This misfortune is the thing that prompts dry, harmed and dull hair.

What exactly Keratin treatment do?
Amid a keratin treatment, keratin is added so that your damaged hair can be repaired and look smooth, gleaming and shiny. A Keratin treatment fills in the permeable spots in your scalp which appeared because of the damage. This bad texture of hair cause frizz, tangles and breakage. A keratin treatment basically helps in rebuilding the hair by putting back the lost protein into your strands. Keratin Treatment is the process to straighten up your hair with the use of keratin base to keep the bond stable for some period of time. Traditionally Rebounding came into existence but since Salons has to use harsh chemicals, it soon lost the majority of its market. Today the latest trending technique to straighten your hair is Keratin Therapy which is a safe and proven technique to straighten your hair without any damage.

How much does the Keratin treatment cost?
The cost of the Keratin treatment depends on many factors such as:
Hair Length
Density of Hair
Texture of Hair
Keratin treatment starts from 5000 onwards at Cocoon. As the length varies after that, the cost also varies. You can get an idea of the cost by dropping-in at any of the cocoon centres and consult the hairdresser. The hairdresser will give you the advice on the best treatment for your hairs along with the cost.

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