Make Nail Polish Last Long! +7 days chip free!

Make Nail Polish Last Long! +7 days chip free!


In this video I show you tricks on how to make your manicure last! Want to make your nail polish last longer? 7 days no chipping or peeling of nail polish? Sounds great right? Follow these tips and you will notice that your manicure will last longer with no chipping or peeling. These are diy nail polish lasting longer tips so you can do it in comfort of your own place! I hope you find this video useful if you do please give it a “Thumbs up” and leave me a comment letting me know what you think of the video or what you enjoyed the most! Thank you for your time! -Mima


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Are your nails natural or acrylics? Natural.
What’s your name? You can call me Mima.
Where are you from? Europe -Serbia
When you upload? Once or twice a week, sometimes even more. But once a week for sure.
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FTC: All opinions are my own (DUH lol) and I was not sponsored to do this video. Just girl sharing my tips and tricks. My videos are made because I love making videos, beauty, fashion, nail polishes and all that jazz

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