Makeup for a Business Meeting🤓 ft. Nude Pop Palette

Makeup for a Business Meeting🤓 ft. Nude Pop Palette

Hello! Welcome to my channel.
My Name is Alex.
How old am I? -I am officially45. I am a virgo ♍
My skin type -combo to oily skin, especially my nose 👃I have large pores and textured skin.
My foundation sades -NC30(MAC), Y315(MUFE), 2.5N(Dior backstage) Described as light to medium, neutral undertone.

I’m a former La prairie’s sales associate.
I lived in San Mateo CA over 20years ago. I was a college student there.
Now, I’m trying to brush up my English skills. Please have patient with me when I’m speaking in English. I know it sounds terrible😫
I’m all about being healthy, ageless and confident 👍
I consider myself a feminist.
#women help women
#women empowerment

Here are some youtube channels I watch daily other than beauty-related.

For fitness 💪
Sydney Cummings

Shelley Darlington

For spiritual/low of attraction ✨
Leeora Alexandra

Choosing Gratitude

For personal growth 🙏
Mel Robbins


What you put out to the world will come back to you, both negative and positive. Which do you prefer?
Happiness is an inside job. Find it in yourself🎶
R.I.C.H stands for Realize I Create Happiness 😇
Let’s choose to be happy 😊