My Afro Hair Products – with Recipes!

My Afro Hair Products – with Recipes!

It’s FroDay!! Today is episode 3 of my Afro Hair series!!
This week’s video is a highly requested one, In it, I reveal my go-to homemade Afro Hair Products, and in the tutorials, I teach you exactly how to make them!
Although these product tutorials are quick and simple versions of the ones I make for myself now, This is where I began when making my own hair products, and even to this day if I run out of product and find myself short on time (which is very frequently these days! 😂)  these are the exact recipes I use.

Below is a list of all the ingredients used including direct links to buy them! Don’t say I ain’t got your back boo-boo!

African Black Soap –

Coconut Milk –

Apple cider Vinegar –

Pure Set Honey –

Jasmine Oil –

Olive Oil –

Unrefined Shea Butter –

Jasmine Essential Oil –

Aloe Vera Gel –

Kilner Jar –

Amber Spray Bottle –

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