Wearing Modest Clothing when Breastfeeding – Clothes you might already own + tips | mylifelizabeth

Wearing Modest Clothing when Breastfeeding – Clothes you might already own + tips | mylifelizabeth

Hello beautiful people 💖

Mothers and mom-to-be, this video is especially for you! We see you & we know how hard you work. So give yourself a break and sit down and enjoy watching this video, hopefully without interruption.

I wanted to show you how I manage to style my clothes modestly while breastfeeding. I know it can be a struggle when you’re out and about running errands & suddenly your little one is getting fuzzy and hungry. You can’t always find a private place to breastfeed and sometimes a mother’s gotta do what she’s gotta do.

I still want to feel comfortable while looking stylish and chic when I’m out with my children. At the same time I don’t want to compromise my modesty. It has at times been a challenge, but these are some of my go-to looks that I wear when I know I have to breastfeed in public.

Don’t be shy to use a dressing room or a corner booth at the restaurant. It is one of the most natural things you can do – to give your child food. Don’t be ashamed about it if you are a woman who is covering or dressing more modestly. I hope this video gives you inspiration and some good tips for breastfeeding.

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Clothes I’m wearing:
*Orange maxi dress w/ V-neck :
*Black long sleeve shirt:
*Denim jacket:
*Black sleeveless dress:
*Polka dotted dress (similar):
*Denim skirt w/ buttons:
*Pink roll neck jumper (similar):
Oversized sweatshirt:
*Nursing bras:
*Nursing tank tops:

Bio oil:
Medela PureLan:
Nursing pads:

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