WESTERNIZED Korean ‘Glass Skin’ Makeup! Tips from a Pro 👍 자연스러운 피부 표현 화장법 | meejmuse

WESTERNIZED Korean ‘Glass Skin’ Makeup! Tips from a Pro 👍 자연스러운 피부 표현 화장법 | meejmuse

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Hey lovelies!

I collabed with Benefit to bring you guys a tutorial I thought you would find interesting or helpful from the pro himself – Nigel Stanislaus, beauty expert, celebrity makeup artist, TV personality and now my friend. Seriously, he is truly truly the sweetest person ever and so genuine and caring. Glad I could share him with you guys!

Please leave this vid with a thumbs up and comment if you enjoyed or learnt anything from it. Also don’t forget to go follow him over on his Instagram or Twitter @NigelStanislaus to support his work!

Once again, thank you Benefit Cosmetics for making this fun project possible. They worked on this foundation for 5 years and it’s actually really amazing and different. Can you see that natural coverage tho?! (I had no makeup on my skin at the beginning of the tutorial!) So goooood.

Hope you’ve been well, and yes a KCON New York vlog is coming up!

Love always,

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